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March 25, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Thanks D.G. My select committee is meeting Maude after the recess. I will try to ask him these questions.


This could be an excellent opportunity for the Big Society to rise from the ashes, like a concussed pigeon that fell down the chimney into a mercifully cold grate.

I mean, why does the Tory party need funding anyway? If public services can be run by volunteers and goodwill, surely political parties can too. Let's see Cameron's party living by the principals they espouse. No more big donations! Certainly no taxpayer's money! We will build a new political party on hope and... whatever else the Big Society was going to be built on.

I double-dare him to try it.


Cruddas should be prosecuted for attempted fraud if he was lying about what 250k would get the donor. See how long he'll stick to his "bluster" story then!

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