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February 25, 2012


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Policy exchange is intimately involved with healthcare - they provide Spads, MP's and Ministers in this Government and are linked to far right US lobbyists and Think Tanks funded by Koch, tobacco, oil etc.

aarp dental plan

Yes! Finally someone writes about weight watchers.

Social Investigations

Hello - thanks for putting this list up here. I work for Social Investigations and this list is an alarm signal to our democracy. Keep spreading the word to fellow MPs in time for the Lords sitting and follow on twitter @socialindepth for more on this topic.

Ben Oldfield

There is an book called "The Great Divestiture" which is based on an academic analysis of the results of the privatization in the UK. This debunks the idea of improvement in efficiency and reduction in costs.


I think it is long past time to call on reform of the use of the word reform in politics.

At the very least, it should be kept to a general sense of remaking rather than be considered to carry any implication whatsoever to improving.
It's use should be forbidden when the actual intention is to unmake rather than remake, with penalties such as immediate triggering of a by-election as a minimum for those who misuse it in that way.

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