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February 16, 2012


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Probably doesn't hurt that their Health Minister - Ewa Kopacz - was a doctor, rather than the professional polititians we tend to get.


Nevertheless DG, the point is that pharma at its most despicable is hardly to blame for government decisions, unless of course there was just something superhuman about the Polish government that allowed them to reach the conclusion that there wasn't a major issue when apparently, everyone else was being misled by the WHO with all players under the mesmeric control of big pharma.


I think you live in a nicer street than me, Huw. Most of my neighbors were alienated from reason on the subject.


I am still unclear as to HOW people were hoodwinked.
Yes, the pharma's had people worrying a bit and initially there was some valid concern but it was clear to everybody fairly early on, man in the street etc, that H1N1 was not actually going to be a big problem.
As you yourself always point out, Poland seemed capable of reaching a sensible decision, are they magically immune to WHO and Pharma or are they just normal sensible people.


It's only because we let them.

If we made it so they had to
not only publish all their trial results but announce in advance the extent and purposes of their trials so we can see that whether the results they claim are meaningful or not,
or not be allowed to peddle their drug, they'd do so in a flash.
But apparently they have an effective lobby, because no one is making them do so.

Paul Flynn

I was rapporteur for a Council of Europe on Swine Flu. Our report became part of the world debate. The experience in Asia and Australia mirrored ours here. I did several interviews with japanese, Russian and Australian media. Big Pharma continued to defend their position. The WHO who had been hoodwinked are quiet now.

It's still shocking that Big Pharma still can avoid publishing all their reports of trials - not just the favourable ones.


So hopefully this will push governments into reforming Eudract with a requirement that it be open and accessible to all and that any drug maker wishing to market a drug in Europe must make the results of all trials available in full detail and that all new trials must register their aims, scope, methodology and all other relevant details before commencing trials along with the full results when the trial completes or is abandoned, even if the results don't suit them.

And to avoid the panics about Avian Flu, governments need to make a commitment to common sense, if the Polish government could behave differently on this to the UK government it suggests the fault is more with the governments than with the pharmaceutical companies in this type of situation.


Any details there on Asia...?

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