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February 20, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Agree . At last the silence has ended,.Many speakers expressed horror at reailty of our blundering into war led by US neocons.


Good to see you had a proper discussion on this subject with your fellow MPs, Paul. Hopefully your counsel will be listened to because your comments were well said.

It doesn't seem like there are many aggressive pro-war enthusiasts for an attack on Iran amongst your fellow Mps. However as long as the executive remains subservient to Washington the risk is there that they would follow their lead as they did with Iraq and Afghanistan. What you said about Liam Fox and Adam Werritty shows that we cannot anticipate what happens at ministerial levels.

Again, good to have a committed anti-war voice on this issue who perhaps understands the exasperated position which the Iranians have to endure. The American mainstream media has been particularly blatant in its propagandising recently. Glen Greenwald comments on this piece of fearmongering by CNN (watch the clip if you can stomach this rubbish):


The self-appointed global police force (NATO) is clearly threatening and covertly attacking Iran. There is no justifiable basis for this behaviour.

The only thing we can do I think is to not have anything to do with the liars. Those who want a war with Iran and seek to bring this closer are nothing but evil and should be despised.

Hopefully those who are against imperialism will continue to have their say and will win. I would rather not be on the side of those who quite simply love to shed blood for profit.

If it happens again I will truly be disturbed. Nothing but fear could bring about this catasrophe. I.e. the threat will be hyped up like on CNN in order to make us AFRAID. This cannot be allowed to happen a second time.

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