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January 01, 2012


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Paul Flynn

Still on the case. There is now a new Independent Examiner of the Ministerial Code. He has turned down plea into a new probe into Werritty-Fox affair.


Have you noticed The Independent story that Werritty met Gould when he was Principal Private Secretary to David Miliband, when he was Foreign Secretary, on 8 September 2009? The earliest known meeting so far. Also met Gould again when PPS to Hague as Foreign Secretary on 16 June 2010, and again later at a social event.


According to Craig Murray, PPSs don't have official meetings in the diary with outsiders unrelated to their Minister's interests - there are banks of other FCO officials to deal with non-Minister related work. So why should Werritty meet two Foreign Secretarys' PPS?

Craig Murray goes on to say the FCO appears to be claiming (in answer to FOI I believe) no minutes or notes are available from these meetings. Murray claims this is extremely unlikely for a FCO meeting in the diary, at this level. Seems there is yet more to come out at some point.

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