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January 03, 2012


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Agree. Who is scrutinising the work of the MHRA? Most people dont know who they are or how to report to them and those that do find that when they do make a report, nothing appears to happen.

We trust Doctors to work in our interests.
But Doctors arent trained in Clinical Pharmacology and only have information from drug manufacturers who overestimate benefits and minimise side effects/harm.

When serious ADR's occur - Doctors have no opinion on the matter. My Dr told me to seek advice from the MHRA, a non-advisory body!

There is a growing international movement of people who have been given Fluroquinolone medications for minor infections or no infection at all, many of these are disabled, many are in constant pain and nothing is being done to investigate.

I'm told that MHRA experts are fence sitters who dont want to upset the pharmaceutical industry.

Doctors are poorly informed of drug side effects. The public arent aware of the reporting system. And it looks as if little or nothing is done when side effects are reported. When they ask what the prescribing Doctor thinks of the matter, the reply is that the GP considers the matter too complex and therefore cannot comment - Case closed.

Useful FQ's links - The Quinolone Vigilance Foundation: http://www.saferpills.org

PBS news piece: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/jan-june11/antibiotics_06-16.html


There are thousands of clinical papers demonstrating the dangers of FQ drugs and tens of thousands of people who can vouch for this - some of them describe their pain as 'torture'. A last resort drug, described by GP's as 'domestos' is now used as a first line of treatment and destroying lives as a result.

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