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January 23, 2012


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Sorry Paul, but to concentrate on animal testing instead of what is the bigger picture problem is a true waste here.

Nobody thinks that animal testing guarantees, or even does anything more than to suggest that a product may be safe to test in humans.

There can be improvements in animal testing and the conditions of the animals but compared to the broader issue of ensuring that studies are done to the highest standards and reported accurately and that the evidence of efficacy should inform prescribing, animal testing is a sideshow.

I know its popular, but ask the people who know about this stuff and they will tell you what the most important issues are when it comes to potential harm to people from treatments.


We need an utterly clear process on clinical trials - we need an accessible database where the trial details aims and results are freely available for anyone to view and the pharmaceutical industry has to be forced to follow best practice if they wish to market any new drugs.

That is the biggest and best thing you could be pushing for to improve the situation for patients, please don't get misdirected into making a big song and dance about animal testing.

Again, yes animal testing can be improved, yes some will be unnecessary and we can tighten the guidelines and oversight.
But even in animal testing, that is valid and potentially useful, problems with the actual operation of the testing can make the results worthless.

Please focus on what can bring the biggest improvements for everyone as well as helping industry move up several grades in best practice rather than the popular emotional issue of far less import or effect.


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