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December 27, 2011


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Also have you seen the latest from the French regulator about French reactors?


Some snips:

"The safety margins of French nuclear facilities should be increased ‘as rapidly as possible,’ the French nuclear regulator has concluded ...

ASN has asked licensees to take a series of measures and reinforce the safety requirements relevant to the prevention of earthquake, flooding and other industrial risks.

French nuclear power plant operator EDF is required, before the end of 2012, to set up an emergency nuclear task force to intervene at the site of a nuclear accident within 24 hours. ASN also requires spent fuel pools at various nuclear facilities to be reinforced to reduce the risk of dewatering."

Does EDF have an "emergency nuclear task force" in the UK for our different kind of gas reactors that they bought?


Reuters has it down to five still operating, after Ikata-2 shuts down today for planned


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