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December 26, 2011


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Peter Black

Labour were leading the Government that tried to introduce the badger cull in Wales. It was not mentioned in the One Wales Agreement. And you cannot get away from the fact that the previous Labour Government were equally as blinkered on votes for prisoners. This is not an exclusively Cameronian preoccupation.

Paul Flynn

Bit off-target Peter.

Labour in Wales were dragged into badger-cull decision by Plaid partners who are in the pockets of farmers. Labour now will follow science. That means no cull.

The damage done to our influence in Europe is immense, by putting 'national interests' first on the trivial non-issue of prisoners vote. Our sixth month presidency of the Council of Europe is now worthless. We could have led as a reforming example of standards in prisons to countries such as the Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Belarus etc. Instead, they will point to their own 'national traditions' of abusing, torturing and, even, killing prisoners. By appealing to tabloid prejudices, Cameron has proved himself to be crowd-pleasing pygmy politician and no world statesman.

Peter Black

The first two of those were Labour policies too Paul. It was a Labour-led Government after all that tried to introduce a badger cull in Wales and still has not abandoned it, whilst the denial of votes for prisoners was strongly defended by the last Labour Westminster Government.

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