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December 01, 2011


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Paul Flynn

That's fascinating information Gerard. I hope to make use of it.

Gerard Killoran

Hi Paul,

you might find this interview an interesting one.



MATTHEW GOULD could scarcely be classed as an old-school gentleman’s club type of ambassador.

Relaxed, friendly and talkative, the 38-year-old, who takes up his post as our man in Israel in September, is a journalist’s dream interviewee.

And gone are the days of patronising the locals.

He wants nothing more than to immerse himself into everything Israeli — as well as representing Her Majesty’s Government.

“You cannot do this job without being a passionate Zionist,” Mr Gould said on a visit to the Jewish Telegraph’s Manchester office.

“It is like making aliya — without actually making aliya.”

Mr Gould, who will be the first British Jewish ambassador to Israel, says that’s a quote from Tom Phillips, Britain’s current man in Tel Aviv.

And there is no masking his excitement about his new tour of duty, which should last four years.

He even hopes to celebrate his barmitzvah in the Jewish state.

Mr Gould, who has just returned from a brief visit there, said: “Israel is a fantastic country.

“My wife Celia and I were sitting on the Tel Aviv beach front with all the vibrant things going on around us and we talked about how we cannot wait to be there permanently.” '

His enthusiasm for his new job and the country is so gushing, his interviewer asks an astonishing question,

'However, I couldn’t help but wonder whether, as a Jew, Mr Gould would encounter any conflict of interest in his new post.'

Interesting that The Jewish Telegraph feels it has to ask the same question as Paul Flynn.

ps Paul, next time Martin Bright takes you to task, ask him about his infamous 'Great Koran Con-Trick' article in The Staggers.


Bright was taken apart here by the very same experts he relied on for the above...


Paul Flynn

No Nick Mailer that is NOT what I said or implied or what I believe.

Nick Mailer

DG: he specifically and unambiguously stated that NO Jew should be an ambassador in this case, because the Jew's loyalty would NECESSARILY be compromised. Thus, if NO Jew should be an ambassador in such cases, then Flynn necessarily considers ANY Jew a potential traitor to Britain.

Paul Flynn

Many thanks for your support. It is greatly appreciated. I have been an elected politician for 40 years. If I had an atom of racism or anti-semitism in my body someone would noticed before now. Not one of the thousands of people who know me believe this wild accusation from some people with an agenda.


Nick Mailer, I can point to specific sections of this blog where the reasons for concern about the current ambassador - whether valid or not - are set out. I'd like to see you point to the section of the blog that mentions the perfidy of a specific race. That accusation can only be made if you take that one sentence out of the rest of the context.

Keep up the good anti-war work Paul, you must be doing something right if they're trying to paint you as a Nazi sympathizer.

Paul Flynn

Enough is enough. This blog is not for repeated attacks on one of my named constituents. Not for the first time, I fear persistent political opponents are trying anonymously to use this blog to stir things up. A representative group of opinions have been printed. The increasing wild charges, abuse and libellous comments prove that correspondents are taking advantage of the hospitality of this website on a non-issue.

That's it.

Paul Flynn

Sadly I have had to remove some comments because they may be actionable.

I know who Pippa is. She is a constituent of mine and stood against me in the last election. Representing and reporting the views of my constituents does not mean that I share her views.

I believe that Atlantic Bridge and the groups who gave £150,000 have a war mongering agenda that could lead us into a avoidable war in Iran. I believe, as the Telegraph does that Liam Fox was running an alernative foreign policy funded through Werritty by Neo-cons

I am sure Robert will be grateful to me for the numbers of people I have pointed to his website, today. Although it has calmed down now.


Just to clarify, you disagree with Robert on the question of whether he and Matthew Gould are taking part in a Zionist conspiracy to convince Britain to bomb Iran?

Paul Flynn

Robert is a friend. We disagree on this. But he did absolve me of the insane accusation that I am anti-semitic. I am prejudiced - in favour of peace and in favour of Israel.

Paul Flynn

01633 262348/02072193478/ 07887925699


Your post above says: 'I would advise those making these accusations to read my blog and that of my friend Robert Halfon's'.

What is your response to the follow-up article written by your friend Robert Halfon?

"Yet his outburst in front of the most senior civil servants, Sir Gus O'Donnell, really shocked me. Mr Flynn seemed to imply that the British ambassador to Israel was, in collusion with Liam Fox et al, working with Israeli intelligence as part of a Zionist plot.

As the transcript shows, when I tried to interject, Mr Flynn then accused me of being a neo-conservative and part of a clique that wanted to bomb Iran."

( http://thejc.com/comment-and-debate/analysis/59303/a-shocking-outburst-prejudice )

Paul Flynn

I had to remove a libellous remark about a third party. Thanks for other contributions. I did emphasise that I am not a sucker for conspiracy theories. But in this case a conspiracy is likely. I am aware of the track record of the person involved. But the extraordinary 90 minute response to his FOI request is unprecedented, the inquiry into Fox, Werritty affair was rushed and botched. We may be stumbling into a War with Iraq. I was the only voice that spoke out in 2006 against the incursion into Helmand. Then 2 UK soldiers had been killed in combat. Now it's 390. How many British lives are at risk in a war in Iran?

Nick  Mailer

The non-racist makes substantiated allegations against the quality of a specific ambassador for specific reasons.

The racist makes unsubstantiated general allegations about the inherent perfidy of a specific race.

You did the latter. So you are the latter. Even if "some of your best friends" et al.

Do you know who Pippa Bartolotti is

Just as a matter of interest, Paul, did you object to the appointment of Anwar Choudhury as High Commissioner to Bangladesh?

He is, after all, a Bangladeshi.

If a racist constituent of yours objected to having a Bangladeshi as our High Commissioner, would you raise concern about his divided loyalties?

How consistent are you in attacking British citizens working for our country with "non-British" cultural backgrounds?

Also, isn't Flynn an Irish name? Should we be suspicious of you?

Do you know who Pippa Bartolotti is

Seriously Paul - do you have any idea who Pippa Bartolotti is?

Google her and you'll see her waving the flag of the Syrian Nazi Party, and meeting with senior Hamas leaders including Zahar, who has made some of the most disgusting threats against Jews around the world, not to mention extreme homophobia.

Blimey, but you really pick your causes!

You should listen to John Mann and try to reconnect with your anti-fascist roots.

Once you've worked out who Pippa Bartolotti is, please post again and let us know your revised views.

Brad Brzezinski

To overcome these accusations, you must of course issue a demand that would forbid the appointment of Muslims as ambassadors to Islamic countries.

This does raise other issues, such as the appointment of Christians to (nominally) Christian countries and Chinese people to China, but confining the rule to Jews and Muslims will probably take care of the situations with the potential for the most conflict.

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