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December 22, 2011


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can i send Jan and my best wishes for a happy Christmas and a successful new year to Sam and your family ?

i am most appreciative of your steadfast opposition this govts Afghan adventure

Paul Flynn

Thanks very much Ad and DG.
It's some reassurance that Obama is president. But he could well be swept along by the dark Neo-con forces that propelled Bush into the Iraq war with our parliament being dragged in by carefully crafted fiction.
Meanwhile the news concentrates on other matters.

Paul Flynn

It's the vivid memories of the two worst moments of my 25 years in parliament - 2nd Iraq war and Helmand. It could easily happen again. Mysterious explosions, murder of scientists and cyber war now happening in Iran. Was Liam Fox plotting with US Far Right?


Thank you Paul for continuing to fight the good fight against powerful and vested interests, especially over the last few days while most of us have been preoccupied with Christmas. Yeour blogs are sobering reading matter


To some the thinking is that if the capability is there it is just a matter of when the time is right. I think you are right Paul that small time players could bring us closer to the next war. Hopefully those with the ear of govt. will not be those with their own egotistical agendas. Its all too easy to easy to open the gates of carnage because of one man's petty grievances or selfish ambition. Hopefully those with better sense can put out these fires.

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