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November 26, 2011


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Paul Flynn

The post there represent a good cross section of views. I have had dozens of supportive posts but the blogs purpose is not get more platforms to those seeking to manufacture faults where none exists. What did you write?

Paul Flynn

01633 262348/02072193478/ 07887925699


When you find the time, Mr Flynn, perhaps it might be a good idea to also mention the people who are being disposessed of their lifelong homes because their only surviving parent who is the householder has had a stroke and the only way to pay for their nursing home care is for the City Council to seize their house as an asset? As most of us are not politicians we cannot afford to then go out and buy a house or two and henceforth with the roofs over our heads snatched away become homeless. Being forced out of the home you've lived all your life because the authorities suddenly declare you have no right to live there doesn't only happen in the West Bank, Mr Flynn, but also in your own constituency.

Paul Flynn

People find racism where it does not exist. I have been a lifelong supporter of Israel and Jewish causes, a strong supporter on Yitshak Rabin but no friend on Netanyahu.

M. Mantle

Thanks for asking the right questions - I will share the article and also your blog with all my contacts. This is how we stop the madness that would incite yet another war. Please keep this going - not many MPs would.

Paul Flynn

Thanks for these very encouraging comments. This is fascinating.

Iain Orr

Dear Paul Flynn

Please keep up your excellent work to break down the Government's secretiveness about the Fox-Werrity relationship and the strange involvement in it of the UK Ambassador to Israel. I hope that you and other MPs will urge that the proper person to excamine the Fox-Werrity case is Sir Philip Mawer.


The FCO is obviously very concerned about this, as they seem to operate a 24-hour Freedom of Information Act service when FOI requests about Werritty-Gould come in, capable of "servicing" the request in under 90 minutes late in the evening, rather than the multiple weeks response time FOI requests often get! Maybe you should ask a PQ about this late evening FCO FOI service?

According to Craig Murray he emailed in a FOI request for Gould/Werritty correspondence in the evening, and got the rapid response at 23:31 declining the request as "too costly". So in under 90 minutes, late in the evening, it appears the FCO FOI unit was capable of calculating the cost of this request. I think not - this is a farce. As Murray points out, the cost should be low as all they have to do is ask their employee, Gould, to supply a copy of the correspondence.


Hi Paul, Thanks for having the bravery to take up this issue.
We could do with an MP like you in Stockton South.
My own MP refuses to answer on this issue me on grounds of not liking things I have posted on twitter. Although he is tainted with Israeli funding so you can expect nothing else.
Keep fighting the good fight, if we are gonna stop this travesty of a neo-con war happening we need MP's like you.
Not desperate party climbers like James Wharton.


Dear Paul, thank you, thank you, thank you..this restore my faith that there few (alas only few) honourable MPs in Parliament putting the interest of nation before their own and the party. We need many more like you. I am a dual nationlity Birtish/Iranian, and despise the policies of the Iranian government, but what concerns me most is how UK seems to follow USA so closely, and putting the interests of Israel before interests of UK.

ingo Wagenknecht

dear Paul. Thank you very much for taking up this very serious issue going to the heart of our foreing policy resolve. Mathew Gould's position, as our ambassador embroiled in this tripartite plot, has become untennable and to ask for his return must now be a serious requierement, never mind an option.
I have written to Richard bacon, my own MP and been fobbed off with niceties and time delay, sadly, an MP who professed to be against the Iraq war and who shuns the FoI, but is a member of CFI, says it all. This issue is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg and I hope that you will get your parties support on this issue soon.

Ron Sizely

Thank you for pursuing this matter, Mr Flynn. Too many of our MPs represent only themselves, their parties and their special interests. It's reassuring that some, like you, still represent their constituents, the people of the UK and the national interest.


Well done for your action and perseverance here Mr Flynn.


Thanks very much for persevering on this matter, Paul. It seems to me very likely that there is much more to this than already meets the eye.

My MP's a Tory - David Willetts to be precise - and I'm sure he's up to his neck in it as well, judging from the bland 'spin' that is all I get when I write/e-mail him.


Having looked at the dead-ball written answers to your various very relevant Parliamentary questions on Fox-Werritty-Gould, I am more convinced than ever that something nasty has been swept under the carpet.

Congratulations on your persistence on this matter. It's good to know some of our MP's are asking the right questions.

John Goss

We need more people like you in parliament Paul. Keep up the excellent work. I am not a constituent but sometimes wish my M.P. had more fire in his undercarriage. Thanks again.

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