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September 29, 2011


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What rubbish.

You created the welfare dependency culture in this country. And what's more you taxed people to do it. If anyone's to blame for this mess it's the Labour Party.

Meanwhile Labour squandered billions of the nation's wealth on ill-conceived, poorly-planned public sector intrastruture and IT projects. Projects that never worked. Vast sums of money wasted.

And it created a vast swollen army of spurious, unnecessary civil servants. 'Health Walks Facilitators", "Transgendered, Gay and Bisexual Equality Delivery Mangers." These people produced almost zero measurable benefit but were often paid salaries of £50K.

It also handed out grants to 'charities' and community organisations without doing proper due diligence on who was receving the money and where it was going. Result? Millions embezzled and squandered.

It gave billions in overseas aid which ended not helping poor people but paying for dictator's private jets and gold plated toilets.

It started a war which was nothing to do with this country and no-one wanted. It ignored huge demonstrations in the streets and did went ahead anyway because it didn't care about the will of the people. Billions more wasted.

This went on and on throughout 13 years. And even in their last days in power, Labour spent everything in the coffers they possibly could, creating a scorched-earth policy of debt.

And now you see the result.

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