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August 15, 2011


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad and Huw. We have had some of the rough trade in today.

I once had some hope for David Cameron when he was a backbencher on the Home Affairs committee. He was using his judgement and won praise from Committee Chairman Chris Mullin for his intelligent views. Now he is a hack politician grubbing around with the dross of populist policies to find ephermeal popularity at the expense of long term reforms.


If the state is getting tough on the unemployed, on drug dealing and use, sending in police who commute from the home counties and treat people like scum then something is going to give.

Cameron is asking people to trust in him to deal with the rioting but he is putting his faith in opressive tactics which as you say Paul are going to be counter-productive. He is building a wall on faulty foundations. You cannot prevent this happening again with a one track mindset of stamping it out with greater force and new punishments.


As with Bush, there is nothing more dangerous than a weak man attempting to appear strong.

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