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August 12, 2011


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Paul Flynn

This is very educational and appreciated. I am pondering how I can get the use of the Haiku into my revised book on How to be an MP. Opaque oral questions that amazed the Chamber and puzzle the ministers?


I'm all in favour of you, and any of your colleagues, being poetic and using Haiku or any other form.
But, is there any chance of getting Cameron and Clegg to stop talking 'complete bollocks' ?


Except now I come to read it again, it's 6 syllables, not 7. That probably explains the mark I got as much as my choice of subject matter.

I'm going to leave the poetics to you, Mr Flynn...


Hmmm, I was taught in school that a haiku was a three line poem of 5-7-5 syllables. I remember the class being set the task of writing one each. Mine was about The New Kids On The Block (7 syllables).

I still feel I owe the great poetry masters an apology for sullying their art with girlish pop culture references.

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