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August 24, 2011


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Paul I hope you continue in politics for many years to come, and I agree that history has many examples of a lone voice making a significant contribution. But, politics does not begin and end at the front door to the Palace of Westminster.
While everyone remembers William Wilberforce's contributions in Parliament to the campaign to end the slave trade, that campaign would not have been successful without the work of Thomas Clarkson, and others, outside Parliament.
Your fitness for the office of MP is a decision for the electors of the constituency in which you stand. After all age is just a number, it shouldn't be an automatic disqualification.

Paul Flynn

The main reason is that past history shows that an individual, even as a lone voice, has a contribution to make. This is what Liam Fox's letter suggests.


Your main reason why you wish to continue in politics, is to occasionally oppose armed aggression against vastly inferior forces when you think it might be counter-productive or too hard?

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