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August 13, 2011


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I feed the same.

M McCarthy

Hello Paul

Here is more information about arthritis.
Clearly pills and surgery should be avoided at all costs. It is the diet, 100% that causes this condition. Dr McDougall has uploaded an excellent video here to help anyone with this condition. It's the food.


M McCarthy

I was glad to read your advice a.
I have found some good information hope its ok to link to it and that it may help you cure it completely and other who suffer.




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I know exactly you feel. Rheumatoid Arthritis is definitely painful as it stiffness increases starting in the morning.


Не умеет молчать тот, кто не умеет говорить.

Ellen Vader

Am touched by your article and like to share the experience of our neighbour in France, a 95 years old opthalmologist. He studied the case of his niece condamned to a wheelchair and found out with the assistance of professor Dr. Jean Seignalet from the Montpellier university that arthritis can be avoided by a dieet without any wheat or corn (except spelt) and no milk products.
He has written a small booklet in French that I can sent if people can read it.
The niece of our neighbour is living normally now avoiding above mentionned products in her food; not easy but she is pain and wheelchair-free.
The theory behind the Seignalet study is that the macromolecules of nowadays wheat/corn and milkproducts are for some people very difficult to digest in the first part of the intestins and then deposited in the articulations leading to arthritis and pain.

Hope it is helpfull to some people

Ellen Vader

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