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July 20, 2011


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Paul Flynn

He must be removed as chair. Perhaps we can have a ring round when it comes to the AGM. Kerry McCarthy was angry at Parish's remark.

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Chris Gale

Thanks Paul for highlighting this.
I have received a (less than satisfactory)reply from APGAW which I will send to you.

Paul Flynn

It's sound like a familiar tale of infiltration of a worthwhile group in order to sabotage their work. I hope people follow up Chris Gale's suggestion.
The tactic on leaving the announcement to the final day of the parliamentrary session has not worked because the Big Society Cull has had a lot of attention.


I wonder where Parish gets his "facts" from?


Cattle TB will continue to kill cows as long as they are subjected to intensive farming and bad husbandry.

Data clearly shows that where large numbers of cattle are there is a corresponding TB incidence.In less intensive cattle areas the TB % rate drops accordingly.

The cull in Wales was finally rejected when nobody could predict (with scientific facts) that the outcome would justify the cost.

Erradicating wildlife will only help to bring down the circus of intensive farming and the vermin of the NFU.

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