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July 26, 2011


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Re: Traffic doom
I've used the Coldra roundabout twice a day to get to work since the fire, using both the SDR and Chepstow Rd to travel between the city centre and on to the A40, and so far I haven't noticed any significant delay. Happy days.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw. I share your reservations entirely. I know this group well and chaired a hearing of evidence about the lack of action or help. Making the comparison does not strengthen the case. It's astonishing that the number of prescriptions are increasing. Is it for the convenience of GPs to deal with surgery queues or increasing profits for GPs


I heard a discussion about these drugs on the radio and was disappointed to hear them referring to the facilities that are there for all drug addicts as being unsuitable.

You know they are and I know they are, unsuitable and ineffective, but to the people in the discussion the unsuitability was purely about rubbing shoulders with people who were addicted to "illegal" pharmaceuticals.

Instead we apparently should have two tiers, one for, as the programme specifically mentioned "housewives" and the other for I presume "scum".

It's another version of the deserving and the undeserving, like the poor, or like good aids and bad aids, and keeping that attitude will exacerbate the problems we create in our society by having addictive drugs used by some illegal and addictive drugs used by others being those for respectable people, which are prescribed and next to free as opposed to the price of heroin for example which you cannot get now on the NHS, despite it being incredibly useful in getting people off heroin, and more effective than any other method at getting people off street drugs, as the last trial demonstrated.

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