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June 20, 2011


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Sticking to your principles, that is all there is. Fu*k all the horrific that think they can have a joke or scheme.

Their bands are snares of the wicked. But we cannot ever give up because of solidarity.

Don't take any notice of the lies which these bast*rds are intent on forging.

Let those who who have dealt perversely without cause suck their own medicine.



I see our wonderful money saving government has spent over two hundred million pounds on the gratuitous and unnecessary killing of Libyans and destruction of Libyan infrastructure.



Governments may change but unfortunately our foreign policy remains the same,we continue to read out of the American hymn book.The Afghanistan debacle continues with more loss of life and no sign of any satisfactory end product.
We innvade or interfere in other countries behind the banner of the war against terrorism or alternatively for humanitarian reasons as in Libya.Can anyone really believe our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan has done anything to reduce the threat from terrorism in fact the opposite is probably true.
The humanitarian argument is also very flawed because we cherry pick those countries where we choose to intervine,Libya is acceptable while Syria is not while we sat on our hands while thousands were slaughtered in Rwanda,a crime against humanity.
We live in a country governed by a Democratic dictatorship where far too much power is held by the Prime Minister and his coterie of advisors,while the sheep in Parliament who are meant to act as a check on the process are bullied into compliance by Party loyalty and the Whips.


They all support eachother, each branch of government and the media. They encourage eachother.

I don't accept this covenant where a cloak of anger and war is at the expense of poor and needy people who look for water but die of thirst.

Good on you Paul, this government are clearly lacking any sincerity and much less are they able to convince that they know what they are doing and what the outcome of this occupation of Afghanistan will be.

They are in fact nobodys, only amounting to zero.


Hmm, displace Taliban and end up with an Afghanistan is back to the warlord days.
If only that had been predictable beforehand.
Oh darn, it was predictable.

But then we had a really good reason to invade, if only we could remember what that was.
On the other hand, we really did the illegal international drugs trade a favour,
became responsible for the deaths of over 3 thousand Afghans a year for a decade.

And now that we tire of it as we seek to shift focus to new relatively unbombed countries like Libya, we will slope off ensuring that we loudly blame the Afghans for everything that went "wrong".

History will not be kind to us, nor should it be.

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