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June 07, 2011


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Stupid Ortiz vs Mayweather Boxing

There is also a stupid boxing event that will happen on September 17. Try to check the fight between Mayweather and Ortiz


Paul, I see you asked a parliamentary question on the composition of the ONR (Office for Nuclear Regulation) Technical Advisory Panel yesterday. The "representation from NGOs" nomination referred to in the answer is I suspect John Large, who documents this at the URL below. Essentially the problem with him not taking up the appointment was a) he had been selected by the ONR rather than by NGO agreement b) that the ONR does not offer any funding for the role. John Large had in fact been studying the Fukushima situation in detail for clients previously, so would have brought considerable insight.

John Large was not the agreed representative of NGOs, rather his name emerged as a possible representative from informal ad-hoc discussion instigated by the ONR. From the correspondence it seems the ONR position was that a) it was impossible to invite every interested NGO to propose a representative, b) the ONR could not afford the time for NGOs to negotiate a single nominee. So the ONR suggested to John Large he take up the role of NGO representative.

Of course, as the NGOs had not negotiated this between themselves, they would not have agreed how to jointly fund John Large. John Large also said he "doubts if it could ever be agreed amongst the NGOs themselves that I could 'represent the NGOs' as a collective body"

I wonder if you think the answer you were given by Charles Hendry matches this reality?

ONR also I believe said they could not fund John Large because of a blanket ban on consultants to the civil service brought in by the coalition (Francis Maude?): "There were no payments made to independent consultants last year as there is now a government moratorium on payments to independent consultants". I find it very surprising that this would be applied to a very short appointment of experts to such an important health & safety committee. Do you? Surely other committees to assist govt are not handled this way?

For the correspondence see:


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