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May 27, 2011


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Paul Flynn

No KD, You have missed the point. The Tories promised localism, decisions would be taken by local people. A routine impossible pledge like 'choice'. If local people decisions were final there would be no more undesirable developments anywhere and modern life would come to an end. No area wants industry, caravan sites, sewage farms, windmills or nuclear dumps as neighbours.

I am old enough to remember the forties when Welsh communities were begging for pylons to bring electricity to areas without a supply. They were beautiful then.


Simply put Paul you believe that where the dumping of nuclear waste is the issue the view of the locals is paramount and should take precedent but the same criteria does not apply when the locals oppose wind farms and pylons.Surely there is a lack of consistancy here,does local opininon count or not or should it be overuled only when renewable energy is concerned.Do you believe the wind farm scheme should go ahead despite considerable local opposition.

Paul Flynn

NO. It does NOT KD. it means the Government has pretended that 'Localism' matters but it is not true. The opposition in Mid Wales was quoted to me by a protester as '80%.' She said the Government can't go ahead with opposition like that. Oh Yes they can. That was the Minister's message from the debate in the Commons.

The protest is aim at the soft target the Assembly who has no power over big schemes of this kind. Why not campaign against the Tory-LibDem Junta whose policy this is?


I agree Paul but doesn't the same argument apply to all those people in mid Wales who do not want their mountainside covered in Pylons and Wind Turbines but are being overuled by Central Govermrnt?

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