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May 10, 2011


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Patrick and D.G.. As I say I will draw his attention to your trenchant comments in case he has not seen them.


I'm sure the Landrover Discovery brigade have no objection to clean - or even filthy and/or toxic - energy being generated, as long as it's sited appropriately*

*near the houses of poor people.


Glyn Davies
"Tourism dominates the economy, but the beautiful landscape of mid-Wales will be sacrificed on the altar of a false god."

Quite an interesting speech clearly highlighting that nimbyism is alive and well in 2011.

Since 1945 GLYN , thanks to successive
governments and the common agricultural policy we have now managed to reduce biodiversity in the countryside to roughly 5% of what it was then.

Were there howls of protests from the landscape and countryside lovers?

Surely people that object to a windmill on the grounds that it will erode the landscape would be upset about the erosion of living things?

Apparently not!

So carry on Glyn with your head in the sand.
Fight for the right for your landrover discovery constituents not to have to look at clean energy creating windmills.

Meanwhile in reality we will mostly wonder why people are angry about windmills that provide clean energy but care not about decades of habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity.

No doubt you will reply to this as it means so much to you.

Paul Flynn

right of course, Huw. I've amended it.


"An asteroid attack?"

Do you know something about asteroids that we don't Paul? I think you should come clean.

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