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May 03, 2011


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Speaking of wars, I see the Chilcot enquiry has received evidence that the infamous dossier was constructed to make the case for war in Iraq, contradicting Tony Blair's evidence


Is there a legal penalty for lying in these circumstances?

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw. Agree with every word of that. Its extraordinary that the PM is in denial about the awful truths that our trusted allies are working against us in sheltering Osama and helping 500 Taliban to escape.

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"I do not accept that analysis, because it can lead us to believe that the best option for Britain, and indeed America, is to cut ourselves off entirely from friendships, partnerships and co-operation with those countries and leave them to their own devices. That has been a mistake in the past. The lesson to learn is that long-term partnerships to help those countries are actually in our interests."

So near and yet so far from the truth

Given our special kind of friendship, it would certainly be better for those other countries and by extension us, if we did stop practising it.

However, if we used words to mean what they are actually supposed to mean, we could always make a start on being friendly to these other countries, my own unique definition of friendship involving, perhaps nitpickingly; not invading them, not treating them with contempt, not destroying what infrastructure they have and not murdering their people.

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