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May 04, 2011


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Unimportant issues?

That's how we ended up at the end of the 20th century with a bunch of landed gentry still ruling the roost in the upper chamber of the British Parliament.

More power to Paul Flynn's elbow in his pursuit of 'unimportant issues'!

Paul Flynn

There is no major party party that would ever take Britain out of the EU. None of them will give the voters a referendum. That's the reality of the limits on democracy.

The verdict on today's referendum sadly will be 'The lies have it. The ;lies have it.

Greg Tingey

MUCH more important than say, asking why Bob Crow's idiots are disrupting London, whilst due judicial process is still in operation, or why the voting system of this country needs reform, or wheter we should still be in the EU or why the tories continue EVERY TIME to emulate Labour's worst policies (Defence (what's that?) Education, Transport, Food Security) or corruption iside all main political parties.

Keep up the god work of unimportant diversionary issues....

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