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May 25, 2011


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Yes Paul,please explain the rationality to be found amongst some of the most irrational people in the world?

Ask him a hard one next Gerald.


Paul that there is a legal and registered pro-Israel lobby in the USA that operates within the terms of the US legal system is of course undeniable. But, to conflate them with WASP groups and describe them as part of "The forces of darkness", as you did above, is beyond silly and definitely offensive.
Need I remind you that those who believe in the 'second coming' at Armageddon also believe that everyone will have to convert to Christianity or be destroyed! And I defy you to demonstrate how that belief can coexist with Zionism.

Paul Flynn

Almost the only people who write to me about the Israeli-Palestine issue are evangelical Christians who believe that Armageddon is on the way. The pro-Israeli lobby in the USA is very powerful. Why deny it?


"well worn,and frankly offensive, canard about the 'Zionist' lobby in the USA" - Gerald

Absolutely, it's not like Israel is deserving of condemnation for their behaviour and especially not that Israel is being provided with absolute diplomatic cover by the US.

Look up, Gerald, how many times the US has vetoed security council resolutions in total, and then how many times that has been to prevent Israel being hit with UN resolutions.

Of course perhaps in your mind they are protecting Israel from unfair attacks.
Like the massively unjust
"“Israel, as the occupying power, immediately and completely ceases all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem and that it fully respect its legal obligations in this regard.”"

The resolution, co-sponsored by over 120 of the UN’s 192 Member States, also called on both parties to comply with their obligations under the Road Map plan, sponsored by the diplomatic Quartet of the United Nations, European Union, Russia and US, which seeks to establish a two-State solution of Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace and security within recognized borders.

14 security council members voted for and one exercised a veto ...hmmmmm.

If Paul moved on from his "offensive canard" would he be joining you and David Icke when it came to blaming lizard people.


"The session of Congress that cheered Bibi Netanyahu was stage-managed by the powerful WASP, Israeli and Evangelical Christian lobbies. The forces of darkness?"

Paul when you have finished using the well worn,and frankly offensive, canard about the 'Zionist' lobby in the USA are you going to join David Icke and blame it all on the Green Lizards People?

Paul Flynn

Not true. He warned at his inauguration of the limits of his power. He is only the President. Remember the interest groups who plotted, lied and organised against his health reforms. He is doing well in leading a reactionary nation.

Paul Flynn

The session of Congress that cheered Bibi Netanyahu was stage-managed by the powerful WASP, Israeli and Evangelical Christian lobbies. The forces of darkness?


Paul, President Obama is the victory of style over substance. His speeeches are a patchwork quilt of hastily assembled soundbites and not always professionally delivered.
What happened to his electoral pledge to close Gitmo? Which President has launched more drone attacks, Obama or G.W. Bush?
You left off the important word at the end of the heading. Obama the Great Fraud.


It would take courage for a president to present reality to his nation, to seek to present failure as success is not courageous, it is in fact the opposite.

There may or may not be political necessities, but for someone who despite blaming every other country on the planet for not helping him to close Guantanamo, not only has not closed Guantanamo but instead reinstituted the kangaroo courts operating there then political necessities have led him too far away from a moral compass for him to be considered anything other than yamcap (yet another morally corrupt american president).

Yes it is nice that the Americans have a president who is not a moron, after the previous puppet but unfortunately that is as far as praise can go and given that he is intelligent it just makes his behaviour even less excusable.

He is no better than the Bush figure headed regime as far as international issues go, the Israelis may be blustering about his statement that any settlement must be based on the 1967 borders but that has always been the figleaf that they have hidden behind, 1967 borders but with agreed landswaps and special attention given to facts already on the ground.

The Israelis have no intention of ever reaching an agreement and Obama simply wanted to forestall the Palestinians move to have their land recognised by the UN, so that he wouldn't have to veto it.

I really wish you'd realise you have the blinkers on Paul, so that you could at least try to take them off.

Paul Flynn

Obama task is to convince Congress, the Senate and the Military that failure in Afghanistan is success and bring the troops out. The red-neck pressure is continue the war with no purpose until 'victory' is achieved that will be never.

He has taken on the all-powerful military and the Israeli lobby. Drones have been used for years in Afghanistan. Both leaders are wrong on the defeat of the Taliban, but they must get the troops back home from this futile war. That will need courage from Obama - Cameron will follow in his wake.

Paul Flynn

I saw Netanyahu's speech, Tracey. The reaction of Congress proves what Obama is up to with that punch. They have been conditioned to believe this biasied version of events for the past 30 years. Obama again is the bave voice of sanity.


according to reports in the usa paul

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu wowed a joint session of the US Congress, calling on Arab states to recognize the right of Israel to exist and scoffed at the notion of returning Israel to its 1967 borders as a condition of peace with Palestine.

The Congress was packed with lawmakers, a rarity as most lawmakers skip legislative sessions or send aids or student interns to take notes. The Prime Minister rallied the audience unlike any other function to take place on Capitol Hill. It has even been said his speech garnered more approval and fandom than when US President Barack Obama speaks before joint congressional secessions.

Netanyahu informed the US Congress that any two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict must weigh regional demographics, understanding that populations have changed since 1967. Essentially, he was reiterating that there are now more Israeli Jews who wish to occupy more territory.

Jerusalem must never again be divided,” Netanyahu asserted, attacking any idea that a return to previous border suggestions which split the city, granting East Jerusalem to a Palestinian state.
He noted that a two-state solution was possible and that Israel would grant a Palestinian state and would set the border with security in mind.
“The only peace that will hold is a peace that you can defend.” Netanyahu said, explaining that peace is essentially only achievable on Israeli terms.

He praised Israeli progress and democracy, saying Israel is the only true democratic state in the Middle East. He said only in Israel are Arabs currently capable of living in a democracy.
The US Congress was hanging on every word, almost as if they were anticipating their approval of the message before Netanyahu even spoke his next line. The speech was interrupted by standing ovations 29 times.
Former Democratic US Senator Mike Gravel said Netanyahu is more powerful than the US President because US lawmakers have been bought out by AIPAC and the pro-Israel lobby.

“Netanyahu doesn’t want any peace,” he said. “They are prepared to go ahead, and over time, push out the Palestinians from the West Bank and Jerusalem. That’s their plan.”
He explained Netanyahu and Obama will always be at odds, and the Congress will always bend to Israel over the President on Middle East policy so long as the pro-Israeli lobby rules.

Jeremy Scahill, a national security correspondent for The Nation Magazine said Netanyahu received a far warmer reception than Obama ever does – from both Democrats and Republicans.


Also, if I hear one more BBC correspondent or one more slimy Brit politician go on about 'the special relationship'.....I'll....well I don't know what I'll do. Just sick of it.


Honestly Paul, I get rather embarrassed when I hear a grown man like yourself behave like this. Obama hasn't pulled troops out of anywhere yet. In fact, US warmongering has increased under 'his watch'. Havn't you heard of the drones killing people in Afghanistan. Guantanamo? When did that close? LOL! Please.....grow up.

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