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May 12, 2011


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we have to take a dive in the one thing to really know... its hard to share with, my moral senses is expressing that i would stick by them no matter what but just you are looking for it i can feel a bit of fear in my heart... its no easy choice, a couple of a brave heart to make that choice, sacrifices and pain must be involved whatever way you consider hiring to go. all round its all about deciding on the best battles wisely.
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Paul Flynn

Thank you GW and Mr May. I greatly appreciate your comments. On Monday we have a debate on Afghanistan. I will continue to express my anger at this futile war and its impossible aims.

Mr G May

Dear Paul, I as a Grandfather of an 18 year old soldier serving in Afghanistan would like to say thank you,thank you,for your effort in getting the lads back home where they belong. Yours Sincerely,Glyn May.


That was a great 'point of order' today. The report - of Mr Cameron's intentions regarding Afghanistan - is a cause for some rejoicing, provided it's true. It certainly has logic behind it, for the principal aim of the near-10-year campaign, as defined by President George W. Bush, was to 'smoke out' Osama bin Laden. I would say, 'Job done. Bring our boys home - now.'

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