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May 30, 2011


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Paul Flynn

Right MH, our UK record on renewables is apalling. The Severn Barrage probe was set up to fail because of the scale of the project. Small turbines are the answers for tidal power.

Germany are relishing the prospect of leading the way on renewables and capitalising on the sales to other countries who will abandon nuclear at a later date.

Why are people blind to the dreadful failure of nuclear to deliver. Does anyone we really believe that the UK will have a new nuclear station by 2018? The new one in Finland was planned to start generating in 2009. They are still waiting and they have an extra bill for two billion Euro.


Is it nuclear realism by Germany or a costly gamble fired by the success of the Green Party there.Will they achieve their forecast reduction in energy usage by conservation and manage to obtain the level of renewable energy they forecast in that time scale is extremely doubtful.Both the nuclear and renewable lobbies have in the past been wildly optimistic with their forecasts of performance and costs.
If not how do they bridge the gap,importing electricity made by French nuclear stations,hardly ethical,or by fossil fuel scources,again not acceptable.This debate will run and run because its a simplification to think its a straight choice between nuclear or renewable,with so many vested interests involved and a plethora of misinformation I fear we will still be talking about this in ten years time when the lights will begin to go out.


Not just Germany, Paul. The Swiss Cabinet made the same decision last week.


Germany's commitment to renewable energy puts the UK to shame. The UK languishes near the bottom of the table with only 3.0% of total energy consumption met by renewables, Germany is at 8.5%. In terms of electricity generation the UK is at 5.6%, Germany at 15.6%. Figures here:


Yet we have much better renewable resources than Germany. By flirting with nuclear, we have allowed ourselves to get distracted from renewables.

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