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May 31, 2011


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Paul, nice to know it was useful to you.

There is a very handy table of capital and O&M cost estimates for most types generation - green and not - in this US EIA background paper for the Annual Energy Outlook. Pages 7-8 of the PDF:


and also in a nice Excel version of this table from the web summary:



There have been huge and fascinating increases in capital cost estimates since 2010, I think because of raw material and engineering cost increases. eg Nuclear +37%, Offshore Wind +49%, Onshore Wind +21%, but PV -25%, Gas +1%:


This estimate would predict a U.S. build cost for an Areva EPR at $9.3 billion (£5.7 billion), +variable prelim groundworks I think, which sounds about right.

The US EIA seems an exemplar in providing extensive factual information. It is a shame UK govt depts are not as good.

Paul Flynn

Thanks rwendland. I am indebted to you.


Spotted this on wind v. nuclear costs in the MIT Technology Review. If only we could get the mass media to start reporting like this:

"The [U.S. Energy Information Agency]'s Annual Energy Outlook, released this month, estimates that new reactors starting up in 2016 will produce power at a cost of $114 per megawatt-hour. Onshore wind turbines, geothermal, and biomass power plants all beat that price, according to the agency's figures (as do gas-fired power plants that capture and sequester their carbon emissions underground)."


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Great initiation. If this will be applied all over the world, then I am sure there will be full greenary all over the world.


It is a difficult job but somebody has to do it. Namely those with the relevant job descriptions who you mention Paul.

How to achieve peace is the problem. The pretence of taking measures for the public safety, the pretence that they know what they are doing. They only resort to reasuring eachother with blind optimism, believing the worst might not happen at least for a few years. In the meantime soldiers and civilians are killed. That is the responsibility of our government.

The 'resolve' of this government to fight this war is in fact only a stubborn willfulness to expose people to war.

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