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April 24, 2011


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Every few years, generally after a Gen Elec, NHS restructuring comes up - along with schools restructuring and defence forces restructuring. And what happens is that the people at the sharp end are the ones who suffer.

When have we ever hear of Health DEPT restructuring, or Defence DEPT restructuring, etc?

If you were contemplating being PM, Paul (if I may), which God forbid, would you not have in mind the construction of a team to go into the Health Dept and rip out waste? I would, and I am just an ex-manager, who took it upon himself to do just that in a small way. That was in the days of 'Management by Objectives', along with 'Plan, Organise, Lead and Control'.

Does the Health Dept have the right objectives? What is it for? Spell it out! As regards the Education Dept, is the purpose of schools to teach science, maths, english, etc or to promote healthy lifestyles? One may say that it could be both, but think of the cost and think of the time available. Do you teach French or '5 a day'? It cannot be both. And will TEACHING '5 a day' actually achieve anything as regards obesity, or would it not be better to have some PE? I am not romancing - my daughter is a new teacher and I have seen some of the '5 a day' type guff on the internet. Heavens above! We were adding 'apples and pears' (or rather, not adding apples and pears) sixty years ago!

So why don't you tell us how you personally would reform these departments. I am sure that you know what you are doing.

As regards Afghanistan, I think that you are right. As soon as we leave, all the soldiers will immediately repair to their own tribes. That is the nature of the place. It really is hard to call it a 'country' at all. Is it one of these artificially constructed countries, like Iraq?

Paul Flynn

The perils of late evening blogging, Patrick. Now corrected. There is more self-imposed discipline on Tweeter where every word has to count- and not over 140 characters.


"I my circle of friends and contacts, I have come nobody whose excitements matches that of the media."

I understand and agree with the point that i think you are making.

However is this sentence an example of a new Westminster based language that we should all know about?

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