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April 20, 2011


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Guto Bebb

Paul bach, you describe my comment as gobbledegook but it is, in actual fact, the truth. A BNP voter supports the fifth placed candidate - he has backed a loser under FPTP. Full stop. But under AV his second choice will be counted (and possible even his third). Gobbledegook? No Paul - fact. That is why a majority of your fellow Labour Members of Parliament will also be voting 'no' to AV.

Cofion gorau,



"it amazes me that your blog is all about political point-scoring."

It amazes me that Junican managed a whole post without mentioning the you-know-what

Paul Flynn

FPTP is a cheat. But it served both main parties well in exaggerating the support we get. A vote for labour or Conservative is worth half a dozen votes for small parties. If that it is not clear to Junican mayb he and others like will not vote. then the sensible people may win.


"Of what consequence is AV? It will make little difference. No one gives a toss".

Credit should be given to you Junican for highlighting the mindset and apathy of the average British voter.

Why not get a T-Shirt printed with -

'I hate the present political system'
on the front

'I'm voting to preserve it'
on the back


I applaud that you vote at all Junican, but am not surprised that your vote will go a particular way for a ludicrous "reason".

But obviously you have been very happy with the governments that have come about from constituency representatives being elected by FPP and don't want to change that in any way.
So more power to you, vote what you believe.


it amazes me that your blog is all about political point-scoring. How silly!

The EU is ripping off the taxpayer in this country with total abandon. No one can stop it because it is too complicated. But who was responsible for allowing the EU to become too complicated?

The EU needs to be brought under control. It needs to be cut down to size - how, for example, did the EU become involved in Global Warming?

Of what consequence is AV? It will make little difference. No one gives a toss. I will be voting against - I detest coalitions,

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