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April 26, 2011


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תאורה לחדרי ילדים

You are absolutely right that, The government has been accused of excessive optimism, integrity and loyalty to the Afghan police and army.


Ps. Do you have any information on the organisation which produced the above ad, please?


Is that supposed to be a representation of a transgendered and/or gender variant person in the picture of the ad that you've featured in your post above, Mr Flynn?

If so, it may have been intended to be funny in a heterosexist and transphobic Bernard Manning kind of way but as a transwoman myself to see that person lying there gives me chills down my spine. In the light of recent events - where a member of our community was left lying on the floor of a McDonald's in Baltimore, Maryland USA having a seizure after she suffered a brutal, unprovoked transphobic attack - her crime to dare to use the women's restroom - that pic seems more sinister than funny. Perhaps you'd care to google this vile hate crime as the local McDonald's staff took pains to stand around and record it whilst ridiculing her and making insulting comments?

Well now it's all over the internet and now is the time for all people who value freedom, equality and diversity to make a stand! Perhaps you might consider removing the above ad from your site - and, even better, showing your support for trans rights and making a post condemning the attack in Baltimore, Maryland - because similar things happen over here in Wales, too.

Sadly, all too many 'mainstream' politicians shy aware from support for LGBT rights (especially if it involves trans rights) because they fear they will lose the support of any bigots in the electorate. But there are not as many bigots as they think as most people actually don't hate transsexuals but take each person as they come. Anyway, many thanks for paying attention to my comment. Just a bit disturbed by the pic featured above - that's all.

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