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April 19, 2011


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It isn't boiling in parliament that is sure, but it is just carrying on with insanely stupid laws and treaties being drawn up, passed, signed etc on a constant basis.
The US aim appears to be to get everyone tied up in knots with all the international agreements while bringing pressure to bear on every other country in the world to keep ratcheting up the laws that the publishers believe will protect their business models.

The general public really have no idea of what is being changed, or for example how much of their everyday behaviour is considered to be unlawful, or what penalties they may get in the future for behaving in what they believe to be a completely normal manner. They need their representatives to lead on this issue, but they aren't getting that, which is a pity.

Paul Flynn

The issue of copyright has gone off the boil. I am very hostile to lobbyists. I will probably end up on the same side as you when the issue re-surfaces.


Speaking of single minded and dogged, any chance you've reached a conclusion on taking any kind of side in the overreach of the industry lobbyists on copyright and other IP issues Paul?

At this point I'd be happy for you to have any opinion whatsoever even the polar opposite to mine would be something.


Here was me thinking that I could be dogged and single minded on a narrow range of issues, put to shame I am by the sheer unadulterated self absorption of a certain person.

Paul Flynn

Flogging a horse that's not just dead but buried, Junican. This is the year when the ban is being reviewed. Parliament loves the ban. It is working well


How odd! So some people go to 'hustings' and some do not. Wow!

Compare that with the denial of the freedom of the people to associate together ON THEIR OWN TERMS. Why do you think that 'hustings' are permissible'? Why should they not be banned on the grounds that the 'could' be unhealthy? - after all, a person could have a heart attack.

Whatever. No intelligent person believes that politicians achieve anything very much. The fact is that the Country is governed by the aparartchiks. The smoking ban proves it.

Paul Flynn

Correct. Well done.
It could have been Alsatian.


It's Lëtzebuergesch, or Luxembourgish! What else could have that strange mixture of apparent German, Dutch and French?

But I looked it up to be sure ;-)

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