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March 29, 2011


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Paul Flynn

Sorry about the name mix-up. I think I am entirely guilty. It was only on the blog. The spelling was correct in the House magazine. Sorry the final version did not do you enough credit. There was a longer version that I invited the House Magazine to slash and trim. They did. I thoroughly enjoyed the books which was full of surprises even for a plolitical nerd. I knew nothing about your work in this neglected area of how to be an effective opposition. David Miliband asked me a year ago what it was like in opposition to the Tories after being in opposition to my own party for so long.

If you in the House sometime, please drop in or give me a call so that I can buy you a wholesome drink or two,

Paul Flynn

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Nigel Fletcher

Many thanks for your kind comments - I'm glad you found the book interesting. Your point about the role of backbench opposition is certainly valid, and I think that should be the subject of further study. Oh, and one small point - I'm Nigel Fletcher, not Fisher (in your third sentence). Best wishes,

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