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March 22, 2011


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"Obviously 'expenses' is still too sensitive an area for discussion."

Sensitive areas can certainly be discussed - in a sensitive manner.

If it's the system that's the issue rather than the principal of producing receipts and having every claim checked, then I'm happy to wax lyrical about the relative benefits of GlobalExpense vs Concur, and the best way of structuring an approvals and classification process.

Paul Flynn

The BBC World Service has gone mad on the royal wedding to an extent that would provoke derision on the home channels.

Paul Flynn

Obviously 'expenses' is still too sensitive an area for discussion. I'll shut up about IPSA which is a system that wastes £millions, is irrational, clunky and deeply bureaucratic. There is a better way but almost impossible to debate the subject.


Self employed businesses have needed proof of every transaction for years.

Purchases, sales, stock reciepts, till rolls, fuel etc.

All the rules were created by civil servants in the public sector to (fairly) scrutinise the private sector.It such a shame for them because it wasn't ment to include themselves.

It's interesting that the very people that investigate 'dodgy books' have not until very recently needed to account for their own.

When they have accounted for their own we then witness the high level of corruption among their own ranks.

The evidence is that every workplace (public and private) will push the boundaries unless accountability is enforced.


Surely even Elin Jones will be capable of realising that a cull is now inappropriate , will cost a huge amount of taxpayers money and will result in MORE FECKING TB?

We the British public have paid over 90 Million Pounds for the last culls.

The result of the trials and culls was a scientific report by Professor krebs.

‘Killing wildlife does not reduce TB, it does the reverse, it increases it.’

So Elin let’s placate your farming friends and WASTE huge sums of much needed public money on yet another non-scientific FARCE!




I was just reading PF's post and had much the same thoughts as DG. Damn it! What is the problem with MPs and their silly expenses? The whole thing is so simple.

1. A Housing Allowance for ALL MPs.
Requirement - GENUINE receipts for rent.

2. Entertainment Allowance. For use in
normal MP activities involving meeting
and greeting.

3. Office Costs Allowance. Covering ALL
office costs (these costs do not
necessarily have to originate FROM A


Above all, we must understand what 'provision of receipts' means - it is simply a matter of justification. No big deal.

The Welsh Assembly's discussion of a badger cull is really heartening. The more time they spend discussing these issues, the less they can spend discussing climate change as stuff like that which they do not understand. Good show chaps!

As regards the wedding - well, if 80% of the people are not that bothered, that leaves 20% who are, which equals about 8 million people. 8 million who are 'thrilled' by the Royal Wedding. Not a small number. We should be wary of percentages. But it is true that the BBC is notoriously bent. This will always be so as long as the BBC is reliant upon the Gov for its income. A case in point was the Panorama program about tobacco smuggling. That program was out and out propaganda. It was not an objective examination of the situation at all. I suspect that the BBC earned quite a few gold stars for that program. The fact that the BBC was supporting despotism and persecution was irrelevant, I suppose.


"Who will be the first British MP to try that on our flint-hearted IPSA?"

That's not as funny as you think it is.

I'm up past midnight, unable to sleep, worried sick about my family's future and what the Budget's going to do to us, not to mention how the hell I'm going to pay the mortgage if interest rates go up like they did in the 80s - or whether it's worth paying extortionate arrangement fees to get a fixed rate - and you're still whining about how bloody *inconvenient* it is to have to produce receipts, and use a bureaucratic computer system before someone will pay your living expenses for you?

I have to stop typing now.

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