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February 21, 2011


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горничная минет
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Paul Flynn

There is reluctance from Georgians to agree but at least part of the reason for the friendly attitude to Kutaisi is because of the presence of their northern neighbours 45 kilometres from the present capital.

The Newport twinning is well understood in Georgia and my companions were fed up with my repeating the story of the twinning to each new group of Georgians we met.

Bernard Tyson

pleased to this , "The country's new Parliament is being built in the second city. It's striking design emphasises transparency. The Senedd building in Cardiff has the same aim with its glass walls on three sides and a view of the Chamber from above" As a member of the Newport Kutaisi Association , i have , on several occasions as i have taken Georgian visitors around the Bay , shown them the Senedd and its windows , as a political statement in glass !!!

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