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February 28, 2011


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It should be more of people's own initiative.


I was looking at what Charlie Elphicke had to say and was stunned by at what first glance seems to be a new Tory take on socialism.

"What can the community do? Under the traditional model, the solution would be about either the big state or big business. "

"The proposal is led not by people who do not know what they are doing, but by people who are extremely experienced. The president of the Dover People's Port community trust is Sir Patrick Sheehy, who used to run British American Tobacco, the massive cigarettes and tobacco combine, and another director is Algy Cluff, who opened up the North sea to oil exploration. The chairman, Neil Wiggins, who is in the Members Gallery, has expertise in buying, selling and managing ports all around the world."

I haven't any detailed knowledge of the situation, so it may indeed be a wonderful plan or at least a better solution than any others available.

Such a pity that on the face of it the Tories seem to be saying,
this isn't about big business or benefits being tossed to Tory friends and the proof of it is that this community scheme will be run by Tory friends from big business.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw. I am deeply involved in the Yes campaign. There has been a great deal of activity in NEWPORT in delivering leaflets from an enthusiastic group of mostly young people. The NO campaign write letters and give interviews only on their conspiracy theories.


Don't forget we do have a referendum here in Wales on another issue, sooner than the one on AV, March 3rd in fact.

It is similar in some senses though,
it's also offering a lot less than people want
it also has people opposing it who are more than a little barmy.

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