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February 24, 2011


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Paul Flynn

Buster has been provoked into exposing his identity as the person you mention Patrick. I think that is the last we will hear of him. He descended to his usual ranting.


Patrick you do 8 year olds a disservice


Looks like i've missed something.

Could it have been from the same hate-filled, right-wing author of a site aimed at eight year olds?

Paul Flynn

Thanks for all the support!
I rarely do this but 'Buster' is bust. I have flushed him out of the comments. The blog is a debate between intelligent people and he does not qualify.
But his rants today hve exposed his identity.

He does NOT have a business in the city centre. Nor does he have any customers.

He is sad lonely character who has spent futile hours trying to persuade people not to vote for me - including posting crudely made posters on lamp posts during the election. They were so pathetically stupid and untrue that they probably encouraged more people to vote for me.

He has tried before to construct a false identity to get space on this blog because no-one reads his own. I don't think we will hear from him again. Unless of course he cares to tell us who he is - so that we can avoid his business in future.


"i didnt threaten an old man huw
i know he wouldnt be mouthy face to face."

God, could you be any more cowardly.
First you attempt to bully.
Then you attempt to deny your effort at bullying by claiming that your bullying would force an elected representative to change what they say to suit you and so you wouldn't actually follow through on your pathetic threats.

It's probably a good thing for you that your fear of exposure prevents you from identifying your business, people would cross the street to avoid you and children would laugh at you as you passed by.
Any illusion of respect that you have managed to con people into having for you would be well and truly tattered.

Gutlessness it seems, is your only sanctuary now, still given your attitude I can only assume you have long since been comfortable with it.


"my customers either dont know flynn or cant stand him."

And yet you are still too much of a coward to announce what your business actually is!

I presume it isn't illegal, so can only conclude that you are just frightened of the consequences to your business of your behaviour behind a keyboard.
Or is my presumption incorrect?


My definition of a man. Someone who spends the majority of his 75 year in the service of those around him. I wish there were more like him.

My impression of you, Buster... Oh why bother? Blustering, bullying, posturing whingers like yourself are not worth the effort. But it would be nice to have your business address/name so I can avoid supporting you and your establishment and spend my money somewhere more deserving.


Its safe to say that Buster is all hot air if his previous track record is anything to go by. Did his business survive the disruption and loss of trade caused by the protest against the passport office closure. Or was he blagging then too?


You're a what?

You aren't a man!

You are a nobody.
A nobody who tries to make himself out to be somebody by threatening someone who is both seventy five years of age and the elected representative of the people of Newport.

In doing so, you proved you were a nobody, not worthy of the tiniest amount of respect and if you behave like this with your business, it is no surprise that you have had to cut your staff.
If you behave like this with your staff, it is astounding that you have any staff at all.

If you have any inkling of respect for even yourself, you will identify yourself and your business, so that,
decent people, real men and women and children, can avoid them.


buster now showing he's even less than the mealy mouthed, mean spirited, whiny, petulant brat he came across as before.

Come on buster, show us you at your best.
Trying to threaten a man of 75?

Pathetic excuse for a man

Let us know which business you have in Newport so we can all demonstrate our appreciation for your tough no-nonsense stance.

Do you think it would be good or bad for a real business, if people knew what a lowlife you are?

Perhaps they already know?

Paul Flynn

You are so so predictable Buster in your small-minded meanness. You understand nothing but preach on everything. Has it escaped your attention that Georgia has been part of the life of Newport for the past 20 years?
I shall be reporting back to the Newport-Kurtaisi Association and I hope to use the findings of our delegation in Parliament.

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