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January 26, 2011


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David Thomas Williams

Paul,am I right in assuming the BBC could cut in other areas if they wish to preserve the World Service?

Kay Tie

"Instead we hear of anything up to 250K just to run a local authority."

Ha! And the rest!

"What a disgrace!"

Indeed, yet all we here from Labour is that it must be "spend as usual." Pathetic.


It's interesting that while bus services are ceasing, public toilets and libraries are closing (to name but three) there is no mention that the council chief exec's are to be given a realistic wage.

I would have thought an MPS salary of around 65K would be adequate in these times of cuts.

Instead we hear of anything up to 250K just to run a local authority.

At a time when services are being cut across the board local councils still see fit to pay an individual over 200K of vital public money.

What a disgrace!

Kay Tie

This cut is indeed madness. But that's the "bleeding stumps" approach that the managers were always going to get up to.

There is so much fat to cut at the BBC it's almost laughable, and yet instead of cutting into bloated management and luxurious waste, instead they pick on high profile stuff that damages the third world. It's despicably cynical.

Very much the theme of this article:


It includes examples of axing front-line services yet keeping art projects, council vanity projects and other soft spending.

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