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January 05, 2011


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The vote in Wales was on what was offered to Wales, a glorified council.
An offer unlikely to send a thrill through anybodies spine, like AV+ an option that nobody actually wants.

Chris G

" Why have we been saddled with a half Parliament when Scotland has a full Parliament?"
I believe the answer to this lies in the differing results of the devolution votes.
Wales FOR 50.3% AGAINST 49.7%
Scotland FOR 74.3% AGAINST 25.7%

Since the vote in Wales was split almost 50:50 then, quite justifiably, we got a half Parliament. Perhaps this will change after 3 March.

Paul Flynn

Tony Blair never really understood devolution.He mixed with the wrong sort of Labour MP.

Kay Tie

"We are fortunate to live in a generation when we have for the first time for centuries our own government on the soil of our own country."

Close run thing though, wasn't it? I seem to recall a Mr. Blair saying something about the recalcitrance of the Welsh people for such a Luke warm endorsement of his plan.

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