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January 16, 2011


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Paul Flynn

Of course not, Kay Tie. But the pendulums swing from one bad extreme to another.

Kay Tie

"After Baby P , social workers are probably erring on the side of caution. Who can blame them?"

We all can. It's not "erring on the side of caution" to lie and commit perjury, nor for the courts to allow this to continue.

I accept that social work does not have the necessary level of respect, and that this can be a vicious spiral (only poorly-educated lazy people become social workers because it is low-status work). But there are innocent families being smashed up because the authorities allow this situation to persist.

Paul Flynn

In my Judgement neither Wetherill nor Betty Boothroyd manged the reforms that Bercow is achieving. Betty had her merits following the timid Wetherill but she was too fond of the trappings of office.

Paul Flynn

If there is any group who can never win in today's world it's social workers. When dreadful violence takes place in families it's not the perpetrators who are blamed but their social workers for not stopping it. After Baby P , social workers are probably erring on the side of caution. Who can blame them?

I know nothing about the case in the article. I am sure the local MP/councillor will investigate.

Kay Tie

"Quite why JB should arouse such venom among Tories is a mystery"

Pomposity, for a start.

Nils Boray

It is strange how comments often seem to not really relate to the post at all.

John Bercow is not left wing, but he is intelligent. It is the Mail who think he is left wing, not Paul Flynn.

Quite why JB should arouse such venom among Tories is a mystery - it may well be that he has upset one senior Tory too many - having stood up to both IDS and Michael "Something of the Night" Howard, defying a three line whip (after which he resigned from the front bench) on one occasion; or perhaps it's just anti-semitism; or maybe the fact that everyone else thinks he's a reasonable person.

All in all I think this article is probably rather accurate, and is well written. Thanks Paul.

Kay Tie

Paul, have you see another of Christopher Booker's reports on the evil acts of social workers?


We discussed this topic before, and I was shocked to discover that these injustices are not journalistic hype. So my question is: what is being done about it? Do these victims have to go to the ECJ to get justice, or are our lawmakers - you and your colleagues - going to make some law and put a stop to it?

Kay Tie

"left wing and intelligent"

An oxymoron. After WW2 the intellectual firepower was with the Left. Now there's not a single thinker I can recall on the Left who has any intellect. All the thinking is with the 'right' (which is what idiots on the Left call neo-liberals).

Kay Tie

"Unlike them, he was elected him on merit by his peers. His office is entitled to respect and he is entitled to respect as the best Speaker for decades."


He's not a patch on Betty Boothroyd or Bernard Wetherill.

Paul Flynn

Better still MRB see my posting of a few days ago.

I do not have the appetite for dragging newspapers through the courts even when they repeatedly tell untruths. This is especially galling when reporters do not both to check their fiction with the people that they are attacking. However, lazy journalists cannot be allowed to get away with it. On Sunday, the Wales on Sunday newspaper will print this apology:

"On Boxing Day Wales on Sunday carried an item in its Spin Doctor column claiming that Paul Flynn MP had sold serialisation rights to his book "The Unusual Suspect" to the Mail on Sunday. We would like to make clear that Mr Flynn played no part in negotiating the serial rights and received no income from the Mail on Sunday for those rights. We apologise for any offence caused."

Paul Flynn

Read the apology in Wales on Sunday today. This claim has been made three times by them. It's still untrue.


"left wing and intelligent –the antithesis of a Mail reader."

strange then how some self-regarding politicians choose to pitch their memoirs to this very same readership

I smell cant

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