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January 15, 2011


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Paul Flynn

There are many blunders as you say. But this one has everything in military and political reckless stupidity with terrible consequences.

Kay Tie

"The evidence is mounting that the 2006 Helmand incursion was the worst blunder in British military history."

A bold claim when there are so many other blunders that vie for that trophy.

Paul Flynn

This should be an interesting week, Patrick. The Chilton Committee have been imprecise and weak in their cross examination. Perhaps thing will be different this week. Witnesses must not be allowed to gat way with murder.


I think we have to put ourselves in Blair’s position. Having prayed for divine intervention the mythical creator AKA God told him directly to invade another country and murder its inhabitants.

God told him to back planes that dropped random bombs on sleeping children and kill Thousands of members of the public.

Perhaps the inquiry should be chaired by only people that know and talk to God.

I’m sure if Blair did one of his best speeches ( complete with grin ) that God could be persuaded away from starting more wars and give evidence in person. We're not fussy ,either mind, body or spirit will do but if we get all three it will be a bonus.

Blair is a dangerous ,deluded lunatic driven by vanity. He is ultimately responsible for our involvement in Iraq and death’s of our soldiers, and countless numbers of Iraqi’s.

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