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January 28, 2011


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Thank you all for those suggestions.

The odd thing which has been occurring is that a comment which has been rejected (as I have indicated above) on a thread from, say, a day ago is accepted on a thread of, say, today! This, despite being a simple cut and paste transfer of the text.

Yesterday, I tried cutting the comment up into small sections, without success.

I will see how it goes and email if things go wrong.

Many thanks again.

Kay Tie

I can confirm it's easier to post. Sometimes the server at Typepad is a bit flakey and maybe that was the problem.

Paul Flynn

There is no problem, Junican. In fact it's easier to post now than it was six months ago. If there are problems at your end, you can e-mail at paulflynnmp@talk21.com and I will add comment,


There is obviously no block on you (or anyone else) posting comments as the two posts above clearly show.

As some of your previous posts have been quite long it might be the amount of data that is causing it.

If you break up a large post into two smaller ones you should not have any problem.


Mr Flynn.

I fail to understand what is going on with your blog.

The remark above was just to confirm to myself that a comment could be made. And yet, a previous comment, trying to address the serious matters which your blog raised, was rejected with the message 'sorry - we're unable to accept your data.'

I can assure you that my post was did not contain 'swear words' or anything of that nature - and yet it was blocked.

There must be some reason for the above message being emitted. Do you know why it appears?


That is very good.

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