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December 30, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Jane.

I have written frequently and at great length on the subject of the 'Swine Flu Pandemic that never was.' (search this blog) In spite of frightening references to 'last year's pandemic' few mention that flu deaths DROPPED last year because of the benign character of swine flu which pushed out the far more dangerous seasonal varieties of flu. The truth will be revealed when the final figures are known.

At the moment the tabloid scare mongering is flu. Not a mention of fuel being the highest priced ever. Ten years ago the tabloids provoked national outrage when the price was much lower.


I think it is disgraceful that we spend tax payers money on expensive advertisements on TV to promote good health. My surgery has notices over all windows and has even telephoned people with underlying health problems to encourage them to have the flu jab. Similarly, the local press has been doing the same and as you say the news programmes have covered the subject very well. To no avail in some cases.
including someone in my own family who is a retired nurse and who has lung problems. I also have a niece who is pregant and after reading all available literature from the WHO and other sites and a discussion with her GP has decided not to have the flu jab. She made the same decision during a previous pregancy when the country were all living in fear about contracting swine flu.

It is tiresome and I hope we are able to break this nonsense of spending such huge sums advertising government programmes on television. I am quite sure there are people like me who believe they have personal responsibility for their health and who do not watch TV adverts. Better to use the News Programmes.

As to a U turn. I listened to Professor Hall the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation Committee on Radio 4 and on BBC News stating that the government had followed the advice of his Committee who had recommended that healthy children should not be vaccinated. I am therefore dismayed that opposition policians are using the annual vaccination programme for political purpose. Are you suggesting that any Secretary of State for Health does not follow medical and scientific advice and knows better than Health experts? I sometimes despair at what is happening when the country's well being is at stake.

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