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December 04, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Always negative Buster. Always petty. The post clearly said it was located at the Handpost. Having lived in Newport since 1962, the charge of carpetbagger is not convincing. That's nearly 50 years compared to the five weeks residence of the Tory candidate on offer in May.

Having spent 15 years as a councillor and 23 as an MP, I believe I have a clear idea of the responsibilities of the two jobs. Spend some time 'searching' this site. You will find details of the campaigns on Warburtons and the Passport Office. If buster, you know of any opportunity I have missed to push the campaigns, perhaps you would let me. I and the other South Wales MPs would like to exploit them. What you will not find on this site in unnecessary negative stories about the city that can only make the problems worse.
Every meeting I have had with the Leader of the Council I have raised town centre issues. The effect of constant negative reports are not helping the city to attract trade.
On national and international issues, I have been elected six times by the people of Newport West as their representative. While I could always do more, I no regrets on my work or my campaigns.


"i readily agreed to re-open the Johnsons Cleaners shop at the Handpost"

"The shop is located is a very useful and lively shopping mini-hub of a dozen shops at Highcross".

it seems cardiff boy paul doesnt even know where the shop is located.
highcross or handpost.

i love how these national/multi national companies jump on the green bandwagon.
how is the liquid silicone and solvents manufactured [greenly]lol

i am convinced cardiff boy paul only lives in newport because its a safe labour seat.
anyone standing for labour could win this seat.

not seen very much in the bloggs about what your doing in your seat of newport.

just the usual afghanistan,pharmas and attacking anyone not from labour.

what happend to saving the passport office ,warburtons and the city centre.

i would like to see you fighting for us and not your personal interests that have amounted to nothing.

or is personal visits and openings all we get from our mp.

oh i forgot paul only does international work.anything to do with newport is for councillors to deal with.
unless it interests him.

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