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December 01, 2010


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This Cluster Bomb swerve is not first time we have manoeuvred diplomatically to allow the US to store special weapons in places Treaties would otherwise prevent.

We have refused to accept that Diego Garcia is covered by the Treaty of Pelindaba (African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty), despite accepting that other Chagos Islands are covered as they are diplomatically part of the African continent. This is to allow the US to store nuclear weapons on this British island.

This academic article covers this:


and rather interestingly adds:

"In September 2003 for instance, over 100 US-made ‘Harpoon’ missiles were flown to Diego Garcia; Israel's three German-built ‘Dolphin’ submarines then made a port call at the atoll in October 2003 to be fitted with the missiles (which can carry a 200-kg nuclear warhead), before returning to the Gulf of Oman."

We moan when Russia or North Korea help Iran develop missiles (which we say will be delivery methods if/when Iran does ever develop compact nuclear weapons). But the West is perfectly happy to give or sell Israel advanced nuclear weapon delivery methods, when we know Israel already has nuclear weapons outside the NNPT. The highly advanced Dolphin submarines were made in Germany, and partly gifted to Israel. The US made Harpoon missiles were provided to Israel with US financial assistance. Even though our press rarely mentions this, others around the world notice and add another nail to the prospective NNPT coffin.


If there was any remaining doubt that David Milliband was damaged goods from his time in the Blair government, then this should remove it


What the hell is wrong with our political elite? They seem to be strangers to honesty and integrity.

Kay Tie

"KayTie, memories are short. It was Peter Lillie who was resPonsible for thE CSA."

My memory is as sharp as ever: I didn't mention the CSA.

But now you have it's worth pointing out that it took Labour to turn something poorly conceived into a real fiasco. Let me challenge your memory and ask if you remember being on the government benches when purple powder was thrown?

Paul Flynn

KayTie, memories are short. It was Peter Lillie who was resPonsible for thE CSA.


I have some sympathy for the pain of wrestling with bureaucratic systems, but only 150 headings? Pfft. Thank your deity of choice that it didn't have to be SOX 404 compliant...

Kay Tie

"It's a ludicrously complex and expensive system that serves no one well."

Although this is entirely believable, I don't have the slightest shred of sympathy. Particularly for Labour MPs. Because this is exactly the nature of dozens of systems your party (and you) imposed on the ordinary people of this country. The ISA. Child Tax Credit. CRB checks. The Student Loans system. And dozens and dozens more ill-thought out counterproductive systems with unintended consequences.

What you have with IPSA is a tiny taste, a wee sip of what you did to the country as a whole over the last decade. Think of it as penance and just accept your flagellation without complaint.

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