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December 27, 2010


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The problem with radical thought that is not based on statistics, is that it is mere conjecture.

Conjecture with evidence, theory and proof, is what the NHS management has to work with.
The statistics drive the business of pain relief, rather than the other way about, pain relief driving the statistics.

In that way decisions are made which are entirely out of context of the good health of the individual, and entirely in the context of the health of the state.

If you want personal attention, Forget it!


"Their health revolution is insane. The NHS is enjoying great public approval nationally and internationally. They were warnED today that they are heading for multi £billion shortfall or savage cuts. This is a major managerial problem for any government to solve. Certainly this is no moment to waste £3billion on an unwinnable gamble of reorganisation."

My own recent experience of the NHS is that the very best thing that could possibly happen to everybody's health would be huge cuts in State health expenditure.

In the words of Leonard Cohens song
he entered a hospital

"where none was sick and none was well"
is an accurate reflection of the NHS.

My own bench mark of radical wisdom is that
of Ivan Illich, the Mexican Marxist thinker and former priest (d 2002) who wrote the work

"Medical Nemesis, the expropriation of Death"

Anybody who has got a pain... go for it, and they will expropriate yours, at their convenience and not the sufferer's.

Complements of the season to Paul.

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