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November 24, 2010


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Kay Tie

"Certainly KayTie. Another profitable hoax by the greedy that conned the gullible.'

Since you're not a software engineer, have never talked to people who did any work in this area, and have ignored all testimony from people with actual knowledge of the topic, I think we'll take my point as proven.

But do watch out for that albino monk.

Paul Flynn

'y2K denier' ? Certainly KayTie. Another profitable hoax by the greedy that conned the gullible.

Paul Flynn

Certainly Jonny and DG I will stick with all promises I made. I have greatly benefited from education that was not available to the generations of my parents and grandparents.

Jonny Roberts

Paul Flynn signed the NUS pledge knowing he may well have to vote against his own party when the time came

Nick Clegg signed the NUS pledge, told students he would fight against fee rises, abolish fees if he had any power and then promptly sold out

The difference in class is immeasurable.

PS. I now hear VC's in Wales are calling for another fee rise from the assembly govt to match England...bad times


On the subject of student protests Paul, plese could you confirm if you'll be voting against the increase in fees?

Kay Tie

"Happy to have that moniker Kay Tie."

Oh, and we need to add the "Y2K denier" in there too. You're in good company with the 9/11 Truthers and Moon Landing deniers.

I hope you won't be telling us that all this is down to the International Zionist conspiracy? If you start on with the winking eye on the pyramid and the Illuminati I'll send for the doctors. They will probably give you a 'flu jab at the same time as the Benzodiazepine.


I wonder if all the more sensible precautions taken - handwashing, isolating people affected, etc - might have contributed to normal seasonal flu being less prevalent than usual. It was great to find less coughing, spluttering snot-monsters on public transport.

Can we have another pandemic this year, but without the vaccines?

Paul Flynn

Happy to have that moniker Kay Tie. There is a world conversation going on about about the Pandemic that never was. As the chair of the Council of Europe Sub Committee on Health I am on the independent end of the discussion. On the other end is Big Pharma and national governments defending their conduct which wasted £billions. Yesterday in the Netherlands a book went to press that quotes our work and supports strongly the case I have been making. A conference in September in Costa Rica backed the deniers case.

In this case the deniers are right. The spectacular drop in excess winter deaths vindicates spectacularly all our arguments. The dreaded Swine Flu SAVED lives by pushing out the killer seasonal swine flu.

A 30% drop in Excess Winter Flu deaths is astonishing and unprecedented - thanks to H1N1

Kay Tie

The tone of your flu remarks are just the same as those opposed to climate science. You might be right, just as they might be, but you're in danger of being given the moniker of "Swine Flu Denier"

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