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November 30, 2010


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The question of timing and judgement - "What would be best released and when?" - only works if you have an agenda or interests in mind.

Information best released ASAP to serve the interests of one party may be better off buried forever for the sake of another. I've seen nothing to suggest that Wikileaks is interested in anything other than transparency for its own sake.

Kay Tie

"Has Wikileaks in this instance turned against government? Is it attacking government because it is discontented?"

I think it's an anarchist organisation (not in the political philosophy sense but in the trolling sense). I don't think there's any "mission" there other than to cause trouble.

It started out, of course, as a place where people could safely blow the whistle on malpractice. Such as evading legal gagging orders. Quite frankly, these "revelations" of the opinions of diplomats - which are (mostly) astute observations - are just pathetic, and undermine the rationale for wikileaks.

Still, it's highly amusing to see the likes of Sarah Palin call for Wikileaks to be classified as a terrorist organisation (further undermining the shock value of the word "terrorist") and even the calls for Assange to be assassinated! Got to be doing something right if that's the reaction provoked..

Paul Flynn

It may be that Wikileaks are doing the right deed for the wrong reason. The Iraq War is the defining moment of my 23 years in parliament. Lies were told to Labour MPs. Many abstained or voted for for. The result was the loss of British life that was avoidable. We could not have stopped Bush invading but we should not have been involved. Transparency would have persuaded Parliament to vote 'No'.


Is it an honest cause? Or is Wikileaks actively trying to find fault with governmental administration?

Has Wikileaks in this instance turned against government? Is it attacking government because it is discontented?

Wikileaks is simply leaking everything it can. But sometimes it is better to shut up!

There is a question of timing and judgement. What would be best released and when? One could release several million documents at once IF your aim was merely to attack the whole body of governments and diplomatic communications. There is no real sense in that.

Yes, Wikileaks did some great work in the past in bringing to light the realities and abuses of the NATO occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan. But what are we now being drawn into?

How will it change things is the question that needs to be considered. What is the best way to release this information? I believe this organisation has always sought opportunities to redress public grievances. But as I say, timing and judgement are key.

Wikileaks could have gone about things in such a way as to avoid the angry reactions which we have seen. That is if their only focus was on obtaining an annulment of these painful wars.

Like it or not, governments have the power to start wars. Governments EXPECT to be obeyed and there are millions of fiercely loyal servants who are at their bidding. That is what makes them powerful. Wikileaks contradicts the government at its own peril and it has chosen to play a dangerous game.

So don’t pin your hopes on Wikileaks taking on the imperium. Try to do good and live peacefully etc.

‘He that does no ill shall feel no ill and needs fear none.’

Kay Tie

"a 'tyranny of transparency.'"


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