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November 13, 2010


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samsung f480

wow. that was pretty awesome. they just keep getting better and better!


Septic Isle has blogged on the Sun piece.



It's not like I'm opposed to these things, but don't you think the ground is a bit shaky when criticising the new government on not introducing things that the previous government didn't introduce in 13 years but instead left it for the next government to introduce (well it was our legislation really) or cancel/delay (those horrible cruel people)

If it weren't for the fact that Paul is reasonably constant on his stances, and has many times harangued his own party for its failures it could be perceived as standard political point scoring, but even so.

On the other issue though, you know you must be doing something right if the Sun is having a go at you.

Geoffrey Woollard

Well said, Paul Flynn!

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